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"We have spent big dollars on big programs from big companies in the past. CAMS is faster, more flexible and LESS expensive."

Focused Data

"Our previous software took ten pages to show what I can see in one page on CAMS."

"This is impressive and will be a great last I can make sense of the whole cost picture."

"Actually gives you the data that you want."

"CAMS has the data we actually need."

Construction Site Increased Productivity

"We need less people as we can accomplish so much more with our existing staff."

"Our staff spends much more time on top level problem solving and line activities and much less time on raw data manipulation."

Intuitive Operation

"Barely needs any training."

"Your program is much more intuitive than any program we have ever used."

Valuable Reports

"Your CAMS Work Package reports are magic! It was very easy to explain to the GC the insufficient funding sources for the NOCs, they agree they've overdrawn funding. Thanks for saving us loads of time (and money) trying to decipher what remains in those allowances."

"Your document kitchen sink reports are a hit! The Project Director is a big fan, as well as our auditors, as it easily gives a summary view of the reasons for numerous changes on the project. Many thanks for creating this report, and having an Excel export. Great report!"

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