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Hard Hat and Plans CAMS: The Construction Analysis & Management System (CAMS) is a software tool that tracks each subcontractor’s Schedule of Values (SOV) using the most current CSI Master Format including product details. The SOV establishes a target quantity and fixed unit cost for each subcontractor and work type (labor, materials, etc.).

CAMS also tracks invoiced costs and installed quantities for each CSI. These values allow managers to automatically create projected final costs for each work type based upon established formulas or a management estimate of an actual percent complete.

In addition, CAMS allows teams the ability to track all of their budgets and contracts, match change orders to the SOVs, quickly access drawings and documents, know an approval amount and status, and generate related documents and reports. Management knows exactly how many change orders are outstanding regarding which projects and subcontractors, as well as seeing expected values and negotiated savings from start to finish.

  • Collect and organize all contractual data in an easily accessible online secure location
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Increase accessibility and transparency
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Quickly see what changes need to be most closely monitored and addressed
  • Monitor budgets and automatically generate key reports
  • Virtually eliminate hand generated Word documents and spreadsheets

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